14 December, 2006

Three Ancient Minbenders Answered

Before you read this post, read this one first

1. The universe would cease to exist. To arrive at this conclusion, we must first define the two key terms in this question. First, to be an unstoppable force, nothing can bar the way, whether by neutralizing it, or by changing its direction. Obviously, it can not be halted outright, but less obvious is the changing direction. If the direction can be changed, then the force can be trapped between immovable objects. Consistently narrow the gap between objects, and eventually the force will be effectively stopped. Second, the immovable object can not be moved either by translocation or by destruction. It is the ultimate barrier that can not be overcome. If two opposite absolutes meet, then like matter and anti-matter, they will cause the non-existence of each other. Even more, they are absolutes, unlike matter, so the negation involves all things beneath them. Positive infinity combined with negative infinity will collapse the entire number line to zero.

2. No, but this does not limit the omnipotent’s power. Omnipotence is another absolute, therefore can not be surpassed by another power. For there to be an object unliftable by an omnipotent being is to say the being is not omnipotent by virtue of the existence of a limit. Whatever object is created by the being will be beneath his own power, and therefore can be lifted. The counter argument is that to say he can not create something is also to limit his power is to misinterpret the concept of infinity. Infinity has no set value; its value is given by surpassing the known limit. An omnipotent being could create such an object, but his infinte power would at the same time grant him the ability to lift it.

3. Neither would live longer than the other, no matter which was born first. Infinity plus one equals infinity. Because neither life ends, both are infinite.

So why ask these purely hypothetical questions? They are good exercise to point out the dangers of using absolutes and infinitives. If you have an opinion and are convinced that it is absolutely right, be warned. You probably aren’t. There is not room for more than one absolute in this universe. If you think you know what it is, be sure you can back it up with very solid evidence, and be ready for others to disbelieve you, for they think they know what it is as well. You may have an immovable object, but they have the unstoppable force.

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